Meet Our Team

Dr. Anthony C. Canterna has been a MD (Doctor of Medicine) for over 40 years and specializes in orthopedic surgery. Dr. Canterna has a passion for helping people and giving patients the tools, they need to recover.



Danielle Marsh has been a nurse for 28 years and has worked in hospitals, nursing homes, home health and inpatient detox and rehabilitation. Danielle enjoys working in recovery because she loves seeing the transformation of people from actively using, to being in recovery. She says that the difference is amazing. Danielle believes that no one has gone so far down that they can’t be helped up when they reach out.


Sharon Gilliland has over 20 years of experience in healthcare and has worked at DON for 4 years. She has a Medical Assistant Associate degree and uses her skills in the DON Recovery lab. Sharon loves to help people and uses her skills to make a difference.



Cheryl Shaffer-Lloyd is DON Recovery’s Program Director. She has a master’s degree in Nursing from Duquesne University, and bachelor’s Degrees in Nursing, Psychology, and Gerontology. Cheryl has 36 years of experience providing exceptional care to the most vulnerable people in the communities she has served. Her focus is providing a comprehensive treatment program that meets the needs of those seeking addiction treatment. Her program’s focus is on providing empathetic, comfortable, and confidential environment for those who find the courage to make the life-changing choice of addiction treatment.


Julie Forkey is DON Recovery’s wonderful receptionist. Julie welcomes all our patients and assists them with scheduling and any questions they may have. Julie’s favorite part about working for DON is making a difference in people’s lives.